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Don't Be a Square, Just Visit One

If you’re broke, you can pretend like you’re going on a cool international adventure by traversing Cambridge’s various Squares. Except you’ll actually just be in the same city the whole time. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be cool. The good news is you can still have a respectable amount of fun by doing the following random assortment of Cambridge/square stuff.

Davis Square

In Somerville, but visit it anyway. Hipsters galore, a pretty cool indie movie theater and a Goodwill complete with two floors where cheap clothing knows no borders. After you pick up some new duds at the Davis Square Goodwill, grab some coffee at a queer undergraduate favorite—Diesel —even if you’re straight, because allyship is a thing aided by coffee and food. 

Inman Square

Has delicious Indian food. There’s also a pub called “The Druid” that has fiddle music, so go there after you develop a watery nose at Punjabi Dhaba. 

Harvard Square

Lots of bougie, craftsy-type shops, like Black Ink. There’s also a stationery store named Bob’s Slate for all your pen and pencil needs, as well as a pretty good selection of chain clothing stores like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. Just avoid the Harvard students if you can manage; everyone says they’re total dicks.

Central Square

Has an amazing vegan diner named Veggie Galaxy that will make you feel fancy and ballin’ with your not-so-ballin’-budget, the best sushi ever at Thelonious Monkfish, and a unique Coffee House called 1369 which made the Best of Boston list. Also located here is a graffiti alley, where you can take fire pics and be awed by others’ artistic capabilities.

Kendall Square

Has a somewhat hidden gem of a thrift store called The Garment District, where you literally just poke through a gargantuan pile of clothes on the floor and pay for them by weight. It’s unlike anything you’ll ever have experienced. Make sure to check for holes, otherwise your lucky break may in fact turn out to be too good to be true as you’re suiting up for your next night out. If you can vibe with the industrial MIT atmosphere, there are some cool bars like Cambridge Brewing Company here too. 

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