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Dorm Life: How to Make It Not Suck

Let’s face it: people suck. You’re living with a lot of people. This means you’re gonna have to learn how to live semi-comfortably without ruining everyone’s life. Here are a few things that will make your life, and the lives of those around you, much better. 

1. Buy a mattress topper. The beds are kinda eh: don’t throw out your back at the age of 18 just because you’re here to build character. Head to for a good deal on one.

2. Aromatherapy diffusers are your friend. They will ensure your room doesn’t smell like trash, questionable substances, and anything else that might emit an odor.

3. Get creative with storage, and coordinate with your roommate. Figure out a system about how often you’ll clean, what boxes need to store which things, and who will take care of trash and recycling removal, and your life will be so easy come mid-term season.

4. Fridges are your friend. Specifically, microfridges. What about those ~questionable~ things you’re trying to hide from your parents during freshman parents’ weekend? You think you don’t need to heat anything up? What about that pizza left over from last night? College life is tough, but don’t make it harder by having to trek to Annenberg just to add some heat to your leftovers.

5. Cambridge water is dank. One of our friends swears her face broke out after drinking it, so perhaps you’ll want to avoid it. Your best bet for consistently good water (yes, water has a taste. Fight me.) is HSA’s water coolers. You’ll help the environment by not buying plastic bottles while staying hydrated. It’s a pretty sweet deal. 

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