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Freshman Year Checklist

Many have tried. Most have failed. But if you manage to complete this list, you will truly have lived freshman year to the fullest.

1. Rent artwork from the art museum.

2. Be in Lamont past 3am.

3. Go to at least one sporting event.

4. Go to a student theatrical production.

5. Go to an a cappella jam.

6. Go to a major student show.

7. Get John from Annenberg to learn your name.

8. Get to know at least two members of the HUDS staff (besides John).

9. Participate in Holi.

10. Participate in the Freshman Musical (somehow). Watching counts.

11. Go to at least three study breaks.

12. Meet everyone in your entryway.

13. Volunteer through PBHA.

14. Attend an IOP Speaker Event. 

15. Sled down the steps of Widener.

16. Go to at least one college-sponsored party. 

17. Eat in all 12 house d-halls.

18. Go to First Chance Dance and/or Freshman Formal.

19. Go to office hours for every class.

20. Do an IM sport at least once. 

21. Comp something successfully.

22. Take a professor out to dinner (faculty dinner, classroom to table).

23. Spend a day in Boston. 

24. Make an upperclassman friend (besides your PAF).

25. Spend all of your BoardPlus.

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