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Host a Pre-frosh for Visitas

Yes, we know. You’re barely a frosh yourself, let alone one who can properly think about leading another person around campus with the confidence of a seasoned veteran. But hear us out. 

You’ll come to know the Yard and its surroundings pretty damn well, and why not pay it forward in April to some poor prefrosh arriving from a hot and sunny place, only to find snow still on the ground and one of those bone-chilling, wet Visitas weekends? (That happened to us—it sucked.) They’re not prepared for that! The least you can do is offer up your suite and maybe help them out a little. Here are four reasons why you should host.

1. Show them Annenberg.

You’ll have the privilege of being there when their jaw drops the first time they walk in. Yeah, it’s not cool for you anymore, but it’s like fucking Hogwarts for them. You get to be a little proud that you’re with them at this seminal moment.

2. You get to rant about your experiences.

“Yeah, I feel like Ec10 is a hard pass, you know? Like a lot of people take it and it’s just so not worth it…” This could be you. You can talk about all the good and bad things that you know about, seem super knowledgeable, and spread some insider info about classes or college life. You’re like a big sibling for three days.

3. You won’t see them anyway.

If we haven’t convinced you, then let us tell you this: they’ll be so busy with all those events and workshops that you legit will not even know that they exist while they’re sleeping in your dorm. Just pray that they won’t come back drunk from their first college party. And that you don’t have to clean up after whatever mess they make. 

4. Just do it.

Sure, it can suck because you’ll have papers and other shit on your plate, but at the very least you’ll get a free t-shirt. And the ability to brag about all the cool stuff you do on a daily basis. And you can use the word “comp” and have them blink at you in confusion. Shit like that.

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Francesca Malatesta,  Editor in Chief
Jessica Luo, Publishing Director