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Housing Day

The only day that the normal people (read: not on HoCo (House Committee)) show any House spirit, Housing Day is the morning you find out what house you’ll be in for the next three years. It easily ranks among the top events of the year. 

Congregate early in the room of your blocking group leader, then wait an agonizingly long time for your new House to come bang on your door, burst in, and jump around celebrating. Most people aren’t hoping for a specific house; instead, they’re ABQ (anything but Quad). So, pray to the River Gods, do whatever you gotta do. And remember, if you get quadded, you can still write letters to your friends on the river. Plus, it’s a great community. Great. Community. 

Take comfort knowing that no matter which house you get, you’ll still be stuck with that one weird guy who nobody had the heart to kick out of the blocking group. You’re thinking to yourself that your blocking group doesn’t have a guy like that. You are that guy.

Some tips for Housing Day:

Have a block sleepover the night before. There’s no reason for this other than sleepovers are fun and, if you don’t sleepover, there’ll inevitably be that one kid who oversleeps and misses the announcement.

Probably 60 kids cry every year when Currier/Cabot/Pfoho knocks on their door. Do NOT be one of them. Like, you’re living ten minutes away from the center of campus at one of the best schools in the world. Pull yourself together, kid. Is the quad low-key amazing? Yes. (Will we stop making fun of it? Hell. No.)

Keep the phone off. As your friends text you telling you what house you’re in, it’s easy to do the mental math and decide there’s no chance you’ll be put in X house. Don’t sweat it, because that’s not how statistics works. Not that we would know. We only took two weeks of Stat 104 before dropping it. But we’re pretty sure.

River houses sometimes come in chanting a quad house’s chant to trick you. Don’t freak out. But also, it could always actually be the quad. It’s the classic win-lose situation. 

So you’ll hear about a tradition called River Run, where freshmen go around on Housing Day Eve and “celebrate” in every house they want to be sorted into. This is supposed to be good luck, but not for your liver or stomach. Also, Harvard’s cracked down on it pretty hard; you will never see as many police roaming campus as you will on this night. So, if you’re going to attempt this—we’d suggest you don’t since you’re already sorted days before River Run—do your best to look older. Grow a beard or something?

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