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Making Bank: Student Employment

Barista at a Café

Lots of cafés on campus hire students as employees to caffeinate the entire Harvard population. Serve up sandwiches as literary nerds read Infinite Jest at Barker Center Café or mingle with the Lamonsters at Lamont Café as the clock strikes twelve. Perfect that caramel macchiato and be the hero behind the energy boost of every freshman trying to pass Expos 20.

Sales Associate at The Harvard Shop or HSA Cleaners

Harvard Student Agencies has a mission to employ students on campus. Both HSA Cleaners and The Harvard Shop are two agencies famous for providing hourly jobs. Sales Associates at The Harvard Shop interact with the many tourists who purchase Harvard apparel on the daily, while employees at HSA Cleaners process laundry and dry cleaning orders. Pro tip: if you want a job where you can get an easy workout, Delivery Associate for HSA Cleaners might be for you. 

Teaching Fellow

You won’t be able to do this in your first semester, but you know that really hot TF that leads your Stat 104 section? You can be one too. TFs are really, really, really good (or sometimes not) at their subject material. After taking a course (and doing well in it), you can apply to be a TF and become a mentor to fellow students. Just be ready to grade half-assed problem sets. 

Admissions Office Tour Guide

You know those kids who lead herds of tourists and prospective students around the yard? Oh, don’t judge. You were once in that silly tour group. Well, guess what? Now you have the opportunity to be the all-knowing Harvard expert. Memorize wild facts about your school and watch as your tour group gasps and gawks at the fancy Harvard things you now take for granted. 

Tutor at HSA Tutoring

Want a quick way to make bank using the Harvard name? HSA Tutoring, another agency under Harvard Student Agencies (Wow there are so many!), hires Harvard students to tutor high school kids both in and out of the Boston-Cambridge area. So go, put those AP scores that don’t count at Harvard to work and educate a kid in AP Art History. Or, you know, something more “useful” like math.

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