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Nightlife (That's Not a Dorm Party)

Bored with the Igloo? Tired of arriving at a dorm party only to realize that the upperclassmen either are confused by your presence or are too drunk to notice—and that all the booze is gone? Sick of having to get around the 15-people-is-a-party rule? Here are a few alternatives to try.

1. Go to a club. Or something.

The Middle East (in Central Square) has events and mini-concerts regularly, and we hear the food is good, too. There’s also a nice variety of concerts too, so if alternative soul (we have no idea if that’s actually a genre, but presumably someone could label themselves as such) is not your thing, there are also rap and instrumental music shows. 

Also good is Machine, located near Berklee College of Music in downtown Boston. This gay-friendly nightclub mostly caters to 21+, but there are multiple 18+ events on Friday nights and some Saturday nights as well. 

2. House of Blues. Or The Sinclair.

They have concerts, sometimes featuring better-known artists. Tickets at the Sinclair usually start at $25, and are more expensive at House of Blues, but if you’re bored with your Spotify playlists and want to discover something new, then check out their websites, stick it in your Google Calendar, and head out for a night on the town.

3. Huntington Theatre

For the cultured among us: Huntington Theatre hosts quality plays, and gives discounts to students. Yes, you have to take the T a decent distance into Boston, but it’s 100% worth it. Plays range from Anton Chekhov classics to up-and-coming comedies that will make you laugh aloud (tastefully). Be prepared to get strange looks from the typically somewhat-older crowd that comes here regularly, but it’s worth it. Give the adults a reason to think that we’re not just spending time on our phones and spending money on avocado toast.

4. Text your friends @ literally any other college.

Basically, the parties are better everywhere else,. MIT, Northeastern, BU, Boston College: all are accessible on foot or by T (or Uber, whatever floats your boat), and if you wanna get trashed for real, we guess we would recommend the experience. 

You might even get lucky with someone who wants to know what it’s like to get with someone from Harvard. (Yes, this happens, and yes, we also think it’s weird. We’re just people, except we work too much and have the uncanny ability to turn off our emotions if it means getting that Goldman internship.)

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