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Quick Ways to Get Out of the Harvard Bubble

Let’s face it: the Harvard Bubble can get poisonous. You’re literally living inside a brick wall and, guess what kids, there’s a whole damn city out there. Here are a few quick ways to get away from the salmon shorts and try-hards.

Boston Common

Boston Common, located just in front of Park Street Station, is the oldest park in America. More importantly, it’s the oldest park in America with free Wi-Fi. The Common is open all year round; it’s the best location for when you want to work outside in your own little corner where no one will bother you. The only downside is, unless you’re building an igloo, the Common is not prime real estate during the winter or when it’s raining. But, in those seasons, Boston Common opens up the Frog Pond, where you can take your friends ice skating and hope you all don’t fall on your asses. 

Boston Public Library 

The Boston Public Library is just a straight walk up Dartmouth Street from the Back Bay Station on the Orange Line, or right in front of the Copley Station on the Green Line. The library can house both the bop-in-bop-out-er or someone who is looking to settle down for a while. It is pretty easy to get to, since the building is enormous and actually impossible to miss. The library runs seven days a week, opening at 9am Monday through Saturday and 1pm on Sundays, but closing at 9pm Monday through Thursday and 5pm Friday through Sunday, so don’t expect to try the same shit you and bae tried in Widener stacks.

Boston City Hall and City Hall Plaza

The actual Boston City Hall is about as eventful as you would expect and is only open on Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. It even closes on city holidays (the audacity of it all). Regardless, if you hang around for too long, you may get more than a few shady looks. If you don’t just want to jump in and away from any bad weather for a few minutes then leave. The City Hall Plaza just outside is also a great place to hang out, if you’re one for the great outdoors. 

CambridgeSide Galleria

If you want the amenities of the indoors, including air conditioning and heating, than the CambridgeSide Galleria might be a more affordable place to burn cash than the “clearance” rack at Harvard Square’s Urban Outfitters. Even if you’re not looking for new clothes, gadgets, or gizmos, you can go to enjoy some of the more commercial eateries in the Food Court: California Pizza Kitchen, Cheesecake Factory, and Starbucks. 

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