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Ride-Sharing Safety: Avoiding Sketchy Shit

There are plenty of ways to get around Cambridge (walking, biking, taking the T), but sometimes you would rather get a ride back to campus at 2am, or to help you get to class quickly when you oversleep the following morning. Lyft is a great option to get to where you’re going quickly. Here are some tops to get your ridesharing like a pro:

1. Travel with friends. You can request a ride for up to 6 people with Lyft XL, and split the cost right in the app.

2. Confirm the driver’s license plate matches your app before getting in your ride. Some Lyft drivers also have a colored AMP to make pickup easier.

3. Share your ride location with friends, directly from the Lyft app, so they know when you made it home.

4. Request your ride from a side street rather than a busy intersection, and exit your ride on the sidewalk side. 

5. Lyft Shared matches passengers heading in the same direction and is always more affordable than a standard ride.

Also—did you know all Lyft rides are carbon neutral so you (and the planet) can feel good about your trip? Plus, only Lyft lets you round up your fare to the nearest dollar to donate to the charity of your choice. #themoreyouknow

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Francesca Malatesta,  Editor in Chief
Jessica Luo, Publishing Director