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Surviving Your First Dorm Party

When the Igloo gets boring and Running Club parties no longer hold their appeal, you might find yourself at a dorm party for convenience’s sake. But these require skill to navigate. Here are our tips.

1. Tell your proctor.You should notify them if you’re going to throw a party, which means more than roughly 15 people in the same space at once. You should do this if you don’t want it to get shut down.

2. Get a DAPA grant.They will give you money for food. You can even get Tatte if you’re feeling fancy.

3. Find a way to deal with sweat. If you’re dancing, you’ll get sweaty, and if you’re drinking, you’ll overheat. Guys, loose t-shirts are a safe bet, and girls, tank tops or short-sleeves are a move. Don’t be that person who wears a long-sleeve shirt only to soak through it.

4. Designate someone to take care of the group. It sucks to be this person, but if your BFF gets trashed, you can’t just leave her there. Make sure you know how to help each other out if one of you drinks too much. Also, don’t be stupid, and learn your limit. You can drink and still have fun.

5. Don’t be too loud. Then your tight-ass proctor will come and check up on you. You don’t want that.

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Francesca Malatesta,  Editor in Chief
Jessica Luo, Publishing Director