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Top 8 HUDS Q's, Answered

8. Gourmet foodz?

Sometimes Annenberg will have gourmet spreads; ranging from soup to mushrooms to lentils, they’ll feature one specific ingredient or type of meal. Try it. It won’t kill you, and you’ll learn about all sorts of new things that you probably would have never eaten before college. You’re growing as a person! Good job. (Also, if you don’t eat it, the leftovers will be in the salad bar for days, so you might as well.)

7. Community dinner?

What the fuck even is this? Well, one night a week, each house only allows members of their house to eat dinner. There might be live music or other entertainment. This will be more relevant after housing day, when you too can partake in the festivities. (Pro tip: if you wanna avoid Berg crowds second semester, you’re welcome in your new house’s d-hall.)

6. Bell peppers: where the fuck you at?

HUDS literally does not serve certain foods, unless it’s Faculty Dinner and they have to pretend to the adults who never eat with us that we actually have access to quality food and ingredients. Examples include bell peppers, good bread, olives, actual cheese like brie, and really good entrées. Come on, HUDS: let us eat bread!

5. How are all the HUDS people literally so nice?

We don’t actually know, but the point is that since they’re so nice, you should be too. We can’t count the number of times that we’ve been in line to go into the Berg, only to watch a group of people breeze by without saying so much as “hello” to the staff member swiping them in. Don’t be a dick: use your manners, say hi, ask them about their day. Keep in mind that breakfast starts at 7:30am and meals go until late at night, so some of them might be working more than 12 hour shifts. All so that you can complain about the d-hall’s opening hours or menu options. Check your fucking privilege.

4. What is the Tabbouleh salad?

Silly kids, Tabbouleh salad is made from Tabbouleh (tabbouleh). Duh.

3. Annenberg + house differences?

The houses have better food. Go there if you’re bored with the Berg—but don’t do this too often, or you’ll start getting used to it and then you’ll never be able to return. Sometimes the houses have different entrées, too; pop in for a surprise.

2. Fish in the d-hall: yes or no?

Ya know, HUDS has good fish. Seriously. Try their catch of the day or their mussels. Steer clear, however, of leftover mussels. Sometimes HUDS will serve stuff from the day before, which is great for not wasting food, but questionable in terms of freshness. Day two veggies are fine; day two mussels—not so much.

1. Where the hell do they keep everything?

We lied: we don’t know the answer to this. Sorry. Just trust the system, guys.

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