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Top Four Study Spots

So you need to crack down on that p-set and the Math Question Center isn’t open tonight. You can’t take the stench of the third floor of Lamont anymore and your roommate has sexiled you on a Tuesday night...again. Don’t worry, dear freshman, you’ll get that p-set done with the help of these four spots on campus. Time to buckle down and werk.

1. Cabot Science Library

The newly remodeled Cabot Science Library is the up and coming star of study spaces on campus with its color-wheel couches and aggressive use of windows. Cabot has its own alternative to Lamont Café in the form of Clover. Good luck snagging one of those study booths, though. So far, we’ve had no luck.

2. Widener Stacks

If you ever feel like you need to go to the library, but your soul can’t bear seeing the stressed and tear-stained faces at Lamont, opt for Widener. As much as we all forget this is a legitimate study option, not just a tour stop we walk past every day where we relive the tragedy of Harry Elkins Widener aboard the Titanic, the reading room has dim and calming lighting with a vaulted ceiling that somehow makes the air feel fresher. We recommend studying in the stacks, which are generally under-utilized and super quiet. Just watch out for any ambitious couples looking to check the stacks off their to-do list.

3. The Fourth Floor of Sever Hall

The fourth floor of Sever Hall is one of the best kept secrets on campus. It’s home to the VES department, but most VES students don’t realize they can study here. A quiet and mostly abandoned find, this is a spot to hunker down and get things done.

4. Lamont Café

As much a rite of passage for students as peeing on John Harvard’s foot, avoiding disease at Mather Lather, or not remembering The Game, every Harvard student has spent a long night at the LamCaf. It is the 24-hour, but less depressing alternative to the rest of Lamont Library, where the late night feels a little less like a cry for help (looking at you, woman we saw washing her feet in the bathroom sink). If you need motivation, the LamCaf windows allow you to stare into your own sad eyes until you find the determination to finish your assignment.

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