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Top Three Shows on Campus

The Hasty Pudding Show

Gentlemen, your lives are pretty easy. You just have to roll out of bed and poof! Ready for class. Ladies, if you ever wish men would experience some of your hell, don’t worry, they do. As of this year, however, women will be allowed to participate in the Hasty Pudding Theatrical shows. (Yes, we also don’t love the idea of men “allowing” women to do anything, but HPT has finally gotten with the program.) The show is still pretty exclusive though, but the student-written Hasty Pudding shows are astoundingly punny and pretty funny, usually satirizing controversial current events and involving unexpectedly excellent musical numbers. The show runs in February and March, so be sure not to miss it.


Have you ever been to a Beyoncé concert? So imagine that, then remove Beyoncé and any hope of seeing Jay-Z, and you have Eleganza. That is, a bunch of hot people grinding against each other and doing flips and shit to some pulsing hip hop beats and the screams of hundreds of fans. It’s almost like losing your virginity (visually), except not really. If you want to audition for Eleganza, you must either be a really, really good dancer (girls) or possess at least five abs (boys). It’s held every year across the river close to Visitas weekend, so if anything, it’s a way to prove to your pre-frosh that Harvard kids can do much more than study. They can also twerk. 


Did you grow up watching Shah Rukh Khan rock it in your favorite Bollywood films? Neither did we. Luckily for us, Harvard’s South Asian Association offers Ghungroo every year so you can compensate for all the years you dishonored your parents. The largest student-run production at Harvard, more than 300 students perform music and dance pieces inspired by South Asian culture. At least ten of your friends, none of them actually South Asian, will do Ghungroo before you graduate. You may as well join them because they will never stop talking about it for the entire month of February. 

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