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Word to the Wise: From a Graduated Senior

1. Do not spend all night in Lamont. Listen people, staying up all night as you crank away at a p-set does not make you a hero; it makes you slightly crazy in the eyes, craving carbs, and susceptible to questionable decisions. Nothing good happens after 2am. That person clearly experienced the depths of Harvard hell: Lamont at 4am, when some grad student snores in a sleeping bag beneath a desk and a poor soul attempts to wash her hair in the bathroom sink. Spare yourself.

2. Free coffee at the Ed School library during finals. This is self-explanatory. Studies have shown that the caffeine content of d-hall coffee is deficient. You will need this during finals, and don’t worry, no one will know you’re an undergrad if you act the part. 

3. Grilles take board plus. Chicken fingers! Burgers! Mozzarella sticks! Fake Harvard money! How did you not know about this earlier?! (Open till 2am in Quincy, Dunster, Pfoho, Eliot, and Queen’s Head Pub).

4. Make use of Classroom to Table. Unbeknownst to most people, Harvard Student Council offers money to take your favorite professor and a group of your best section friends out to a meal. It goes without saying that Harvard has a world-class faculty and, news alert, they want to know YOU. And what better way to learn about your prof’s awkward Instagram account than over over-priced Grafton food you’re not paying for?

5. DO LESS. Don’t stress it too much. Take a stretch break. Impulsively go to Boston with some friends. Stay up late talking to your roommate. Have an NSYNC revival dance party. And for god’s sake, get some sleep, you look tired. (Don’t comp 6 clubs at once. That’s insane. Think about what matters to you, and not to your suitemate.)

6. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Seriously guys, you’re at the best school in the world. Live a little, try new things. Not getting an A does happen.

7. Take the time to get to know people. We know networking is a big part of Harvard, but when it’s 3am and you’re gonna cry because of all the stress that’s on your shoulders, Mike from Ec10 section who you connected with on LinkedIn isn’t gonna give a fuck. Find friends that truly care about you. 

8. Start p-sets early, and do them in groups. Don’t be dumb: the whole “I made it on my own” mentality is false at best and stupid at worst.

9. Click the “remember me” box on Canvas so you don’t have to deal with Duo mobile all the fucking time.

10. Not everyone enjoys Opening Days. It really does get better! (Introverts: your time will come.)

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