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Come Here When You Need Random Shit

There will come a time when you will need the most random shit possible. When that moment hits, you’ll be like, “Where do I find that?” Some things are so out there that you know you won’t be able to find them at your local CVS or Urban Outfitters. Relax: Cambridge is a wild place, and it has your back.

1. Garment District

Your one-stop-shop for Halloween costumes, an ugly-but-cute vintage prairie dress from the 60s that you just have to have, and for quality used clothing, Garment District literally has it all. 

You can either take the T to Kendall Square and walk a short ways through what has to be the most desolate and empty part of Cambridge, or navigate the trash bus system to end up closer to the store than the aforementioned T stop. Their stuff will satisfy all your needs for whatever party you’re going to—some people we know have even found prom dresses here. Budget enough time to find a gem, and go when you’re feeling patient; everything is mixed together, and finding something good can take effort.

2. Tommy’s

Located on Mt. Auburn Street across from Quincy house, Tommy’s has “food.” Most of it can also be classified as nuclear waste, but when you need some Milano cookies or have to drown whatever sorrow you might have in a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Half-Baked, this is the place to go. They also have Halo Top and Greek yogurt for the health-conscious, as well as any kind of savory, bagged-in-plastic snack.

3. Party City

Another option for costumes, you will probably hit up this place at least once. Put some effort into your costumes: yeah, you can be a sexy black cat, but maybe this year you’ll want to be a sexy anything-else.

4. Dickson’s

This place is in the Square, and has houseware and hardware supplies. Go here if you need cookware, utensils, an alarm clock to replace the one you threw across the room when you didn’t want to get up for your physics midterm, and towels if you don’t wanna do laundry. Dickson’s also has cleaning supplies for when you have to take responsibility for the filthy state of your suite’s common room. 

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