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Money Hacks

Charlie Cards 

Charlie Cards will save you like, $1 per round trip. And for all the times you’ll be taking the T this year, that’ll save you like…$13. Maybe. And that’s like, two burritos! Yes. You’re welcome.

CVS Extracare Card

Fact: you will go to CVS multiple times a month for all the important stuff. You know, Sour Patch Kids. Chocolate syrup. Condoms. Only the essentials. CVS cards will save you mad $$$ on these goods, and the more you buy, the more coupons you get to buy more! Oh, CVS, you enabler you.

“Borrow” HUDS Food 

Are you really stealing? Like, we’re pretty sure food is included in tuition. Whatever. Insist it’s stealing so you look like a badass walking out of Annenberg with that big-ass grapefruit…

Get a Microfridge

You can’t put your liquor in the common room kitchen, so there’s only one other place to do it—keep your wine oh-so-wonderfully chilled in a microfridge. Picture this: saving the scal pals you ordered last Friday night from Kong and heating them up when you wake up at 3pm on Saturday afternoon. Storage is a beautiful thing, wouldn’t you say?

Rent a Zipcar 

Zipcar is one of the only car rental companies that will rent to students under 21 (like you, young grasshopper). Register online and zip away with your friends to wherever the night takes you.

Ask for Student Discounts 

A lot of companies have student discounts but will hide them away in fear of bargain-curious Harvard kids. Be that kid who shamelessly asks the guy at Chipotle whether guac is free with ID. Spoiler alert: Hell naw.

Take Advantage of Free Shit

Yes, the Harvard gods may make you pay for printing and laundry, but you get a TON of random free perks as a student here. Kanopy has a decent amount of programming—maybe not the most up-to-date Netflix show, but quality content if you’re procrastinating that paper. Subscribe to the Financial Times free of charge to convince your parents consulting isn’t all that bad… think: recessions, stocks, interesting stuff. 

Harvard Downloads

Free Mathematica, Stata, Matlab for all you STEM kids. For Humanities peeps….yeah, we got nothing (except Jstor?)...sorry. 

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