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Walden Pond

This is exactly the kind of place that people Instagram with a completely unrelated, inspirational quote as a caption. Something about staying true to yourself and smiling through the pain. Perhaps Thoreau would weep, but Walden Pond is no longer the haven of solitude the writer sought out in 1845. Spiritual and solemn no more, Walden Pond is about as undiscovered as the Grand Canyon. But honestly, it deserves the hype. The shore, trails and literary significance of Walden Pond attract a great range of people: runners, bikers, hikers, swimmers, out-of-state tourists, writers, and people who just need to exhaust their kids’ energy reserves. Come earlier in the day and you’ll avoid the large crowds; wander a little in the woods and you’re likely to find a quiet spot. It’s a lovely place to bring a notebook and spend a pensive day on social media.

Arnold Arboretum 

Do you remember that kid in high school who was really into botany, grew arugula and tomatoes in his backyard, and just overall reminded you of Neville Longbottom? If you do, and you’ve heard of Arnold Arboretum, you know that it’s basically a physical manifestation of that kid’s dreams. A collection of trees, vines, and other branchy shit (we know you were wondering), the Arboretum spans about 281 acres and is available to the greater Boston community. If you have a potential significant other who’s into cheesy romance movies, like A Walk to Remember, take them to the Arboretum, and all the beautiful nature will get them so giddy they might even say yes to a second date. 

Revere Beach

You do not go to UCLA, and that’s your own damn fault. Does that mean you can’t experience that Huntington Beach-y sex dream they always show at Hollister? Yes. Boston does, however,  have an ocean. And places with shells and sand on that ocean. Despite the hype and general shitstorm surrounding Revere Beach, it’s far cleaner than we expected. Even if there is a little trashy trash (where isn’t there garbage in this country, amirite?) the beach is one of the most wide-open swaths of just you and open sea you’ll find in these parts. Hop on the Blue Line in the direction of Wonderland and get off at Revere Beach (or Wonderland if you’re feeling frisky). The city will melt into cozy suburbs with cute lil’ houses. Bound across the street and you’re at the beach. Someday, you’ll need it. And you’ll also thank us for telling you that Revere is not a nude beach. Sorry. Try the Riviera.

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