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Other Boston Colleges, including Boston College

Boston College

Boston College seems really disinterested in the goings-on of the outside world, since the entire Chestnut Hill campus is in a circular plot of land that has essentially no contact with the rest of Boston; it distinctly reminds us of a dystopian society where no one is allowed to leave or ask questions about what happens outside of the fortress. A benefit to this set-up is that whatever isn’t a campus building is just greenery. The campus is exclusively composed of campus buildings and trees, so, if you get lost, you can pretend you’re taking a walk in Boston Common. The campus is miles away from Downtown Boston, so you might as well take advantage of the scenery while you wait for your cab to take you back to civilization.

Boston University

Boston University’s campus is straightforward and everything a huge metropolitan campus should be. NYU should take notes. Essentially every building on BU’s campus is in a straight line, right along the Charles River. There’s no getting lost because once you find the campus (which isn’t hard to do when it’s taking up so much space), you’re either near one of its buildings or drowning in the Charles. We’re pretty sure you’ll have a handle of which one is happening if it comes down to it.


MIT is right in the center of the more metropolitan (read: ugly industrial buildings) side of Cambridge, so they have adjusted to the situation by making really interesting (messed up) looking buildings to help us normies distinguish it from the rest of Cambridge’s buildings. If you want to get around MIT’s campus without any trouble, just follow the path of buildings that look like drying racks and upside down tables.

Northeastern University

We’re not going to lie, we don’t think anyone besides Northeastern students really know what’s going on with the Northeastern campus. It’s pretty hard to get too lost in the area, since the Northeastern station is right on the main campus, so, if you panic, you can hop on the Green Line back to Boston and try again another day. It’s also possible that you’ll run into a student tour if you listen around once inside the campus.

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