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Places to Appease Your Sweet Tooth

That Freshman 15 isn’t gonna earn itself. You know you want the sugar and sometimes, you just deserve it. So, stop pretending to be healthy and head over to one of these dessert places right in the square.

J.P. Licks

Born in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood in the 1980s, J.P. Licks has become a Boston-area staple. Harvard Square’s location features flavors both traditional (chocolate) and original (“El Diablo,” a blend of cinnamon, chocolate, and cayenne), as well as great coffee (for a lower price than Starbucks!).

L.A. Burdick’s 

Burdick’s is great for a romantic evening because the seating arrangement makes it almost impossible not to touch. Make sure to bring a date as rich as their hot chocolate, though, because a box of luxury chocolates can cost you upwards of $40.


Like most urban cupcake shops, Sweet seems like it’s auditioning for a spot on the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. While this results in novel flavor combinations, it can also lead to an emphasis on style over substance: great for the Instagrammer, less great for the chocophile.


Something about Belgian waffles screams “romance” to the students of Harvard. Is is the buttery texture? The allure of a foreign land? The problem of small talk solved by focusing all attention on their consumption? The world may never know; but you, too, can have a romantic experience at Zinneken’s for a minimum of $4.50. 

Lizzy’s Ice Cream

Lizzy’s is another popular local ice cream chain that keeps Harvard Square visitors refreshed during the three warm days in Cambridge annually. Try the Chocolate Orgy flavor, or even sexier, Grapenuts.

Mike’s Pastry

Tucked away on Holyoke Street is Mike’s Pastry, home to Harvard Square’s irresistible cannolis. Choose from classics like chocolate and vanilla or try the more adventurous Oreo and Nutella. We’ve caught a few couples trying to eat a cannoli Lady and the Tramp style, but let us warn you: it’s not as easy as spaghetti.

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