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WTF are Dewolfe and Dudley?

If you haven’t heard of DeWolfe, Jordans, or Dudley, we’ve got you covered. For the uninitiated, these are dorms housing mostly upperclassmen—although last year roughly 30 freshmen lived in DeWolfe due to an abnormally large class size. These places are the dorm equivalent of the Galápagos Islands: you’ve heard of them (at least, now you have), but you have no fucking clue where they are. Read on, intrepid first-year.


Located across from New Quincy on DeWolfe Street (yes, the College was very imaginative when they named these buildings), these buildings can be found at #10 and #20. Each suite is a quad, with two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and space for a dining table if you feel like parting with your money. 

If you’re lucky enough to live here in future years, you’ll be spoiled beyond words: HUDS dining when you’re lazy as fuck, and your own kitchen to make popcorn or store cereal, ice cream, and leftover Jefe’s (you know, the essentials) when you’re grinding on that p-set late at night and need something to soothe your soul. Everyone will be jealous of you, so make sure your friendships are rock-solid. We wouldn’t hesitate to use our #linkedin networking skills to get into a party here.

The Jordans

These two buildings, South and North, are Pfoho’s quad equivalent of Dewolfe. Many Pfoho residents elect to live here, further isolating themselves from the rest of Harvard’s student body for the sake of some ~prime~ housing. Apparently it’s really nice. We haven’t been because a) it’s in the quad, and b) it’s the quad equivalent of Dewolfe. Which means it’s even more obscure. Pretty easy to find on the map, though.


There are two Dudley houses, just to fuck with you. There’s one in the Yard, which is a grad student hangout, and there’s one on Sacramento Street, directly north of the Yard and just as far from campus’s main buildings as the quad is. The latter is the one you need to know about: it houses students who choose to live in the Co-op. 

Roughly 30 students live communally, preparing meals together (rotating of course; one person can’t cook all the time) and sharing responsibilities. They cook mostly vegan and vegetarian meals, so if you’re sick of burgers, these guys have alternate sources of protein down pat. Are these people more adult than the rest of us? Maybe. Like, when was the last time you bought groceries and cooked for more than yourself and your Netflix and chill bae? (Making Kraft mac ‘n cheese does not count.)

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