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Museum of Fine Arts (MFA)

Life ain’t nothing but bitches and Monet, and a superstar like you doesn’t have time to waste. So head over to the MFA—no, not a trendy club, but the Museum of Fine Arts! Yeah. Bummer. This club museum has everything—a room full of Egyptian mummies, perfume bottles shaped like ducks, massive murals of what looks like a paper clip being squashed by a giant baby—that makes it worth Gogh-ing to. For the art world newbie, rest assured that at least a third of the paintings are so famous that a middle-schooler could recognize them. For the hungry, there’s a café with overpriced pastries and a cafeteria with overpriced chicken caesar salad wraps. Entry is free with a Harvard ID so there is literally no excuse not to go.

Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA)

Is that a trash waterfall? Where could that streaking man be headed? Is that art? You will find yourself asking all these questions and more at the Institute of Contemporary Art. Located in the “artsy” neighborhood of Boston, this hipster-haven is still well worth being squeezed on the Silver Line to visit. The art there is better than 99.9% of Buzzfeed quizzes you could be trolling on a random Saturday. There’s a gorgeous view of the harbor for your philistine significant other, too. Something for everyone, that ICA.

American Repertory Theater (ART)

For $25, you can catch a show put on by the American Repertory Theater (ART), the professional theater in the heart of Cambridge. If sophistication isn’t worth quite that much to you, try for Student Rush tickets, available for $15. Admittedly, tickets are more expensive than a student production and so much more than Netflix. Don’t skip out on the student plays, tone it down on the Netflix (sorry), but still give the professional thespians a try. The ART has served as a fount of culture and artistic appreciation for over thirty years, earning recognition such as the Pulitzer Prize, the Tony Award, and the Jujamcyn Award. The theater offers all of the pizzazz and talent of Broadway, with the intimacy and reasonable prices of a smaller, local institution.

Harvard Art Museums

Those gigantic concrete-metal-whatever it is buildings on Quincy Street that you’ve never entered? Yeah, those are Harvard’s art museums. WE HAVE ART, PEOPLE. If you’re looking to get cultured but not really go anywhere and also save money, this is a good pick. All the “museums” are housed in one building, so you can go from one room filled with Renaissance art to the next filled with Impressionist works. Jarring, we know, but at least there’s a small sample of everything so that you can use your new-found art history knowledge to impress that cute girl in section. Also, there’s Jackson Pollock. He’s dope.

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