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If this year is anything like last year, you won’t hear about this until everyone else is talking about it—and then you’ll be like “what the fuck is this?” 

Basically, some computer geeks got together and decided to do Harvard a good deed: create a list of questions that, according to an extremely precise and analytically rigorous algorithm, will match you with other people with whom you can grab food on Valentine’s Day.

The questions come out a few weeks before the big day, so you have time to decide whether you just want to meet someone new for shits and giggles, or if you actually want to use this to end the longest dry spell of your life. Most people don’t take it seriously, but you never know: you could match with someone who does! More Harvard people should do this tbh; don’t underestimate the power of a warm hug from another human being. (No, your current friends do not count. We mean someone who might actually have romantic interest in you.)

First, actually take heed of Nike’s slogan and just do it. It’s fun, and you don’t have to meet up with anyone if you don’t want to. Second, there’s no right way to answer the questions. You can click randomly or really take the time to ponder them (they’re not that deep, we promise, but some of them do require a second’s pause; mostly because of how weird they are). 

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Francesca Malatesta,  Editor in Chief
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