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Where Can I Get Free Condoms?

When we wrote this, one of our coworkers was like “Where the fuck can you get free condoms?” This will make you realize how rare they are on campus, as well as how little-used they seem to be. C’mon kids. Buck the trend, find them, and be safe.

The Women’s Center, located in the basement of Canaday B entry (open M-W 9:30am-5:30pm and 6pm-10pm; Th 9:30am-4:30pm; F 9:30am-5:30pm) has them, as well as other items you may want for safe (and possibly adventurous) sex. Apparently they have cookies and candy. You have no excuse. Find someone in the Igloo late on a Friday night and make use of this resource.

SHARC holds d-hall office hours (Currier: Su 9pm-10:30pm; Winthrop: M 9pm-10:30pm; Leverett: Tu 9pm-10:30pm; Quincy: Th 9pm-10:30pm), gives out free condoms, and also offers counseling if you need someone to speak to. You can reach them at (617) 495-7561 from Su-Th 7pm-12am and F-Sa 8pm-10pm.

Lastly, check your dorm basement. Most of the time the dispensers are empty, (when one of our non-Harvard friends visited, they asked “is this empty because they’ve all been used, or because no one needs this?” We were ashamed to say that the former was correct.) but you might be lucky (hehe) and find some in desperate times.

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