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Fun Things You Should Do at Least Once

We’re gonna come out and say it: there’s more to life than p-sets, papers, and the 12 shots you take on a Friday night to forget said p-sets and papers. You live in Massachusetts now—you gotta take advantage of all the shit you can do here. Below are four ideas. Do at least three if you wanna consider yourself #cultured.

Go see the foliage

No, the Yard in all its fall glory does not count. You have to actually leave campus. Yankee Foliage has a ton of free maps and guides for you to explore our glorious state, or one of the ones near us, and take in all the colors of the changing seasons. If you’re not from around here, this is what having seasons is like. We recommend you fully appreciate the foliage now, before you freeze your ass off in the frigid New England winters.

Go apple picking

If you don’t actually give a shit about apples, just do it for the basic Insta pics. For those of you who want to rent a car, Honeypot Hill Orchards is a good bet (138 Sudbury Road, Stow), or, if you’d rather not, Brooksby Farm (54 Felton Street, Peabody) is just north of Boston for easy access. Bring your new friends, or someone you want to befriend (wink), and bring back far too many apples for anyone to actually eat. One thing’s for sure: these apples are loads better than HUDS ones. Think about that.

Go skiing

Nashoba Valley is only a Red Line trip to Porter Square, a commuter rail line trip to Littleton/495, and an Uber ride to your lodgings. Kinda simple, kinda not really. The hill is dinky, but go anyway for the memories and cheap rental gear and lift tickets. If you’re really into skiing, then Cannon Mountain in New Hampshire or Sunday River up in Maine are good bets. You just need a car.

Go to NYC

Just do it. Go on a long weekend and take the bus there. It’ll be three days of eating bougie, pic-worthy food and museum-hopping. You’ll feel proud for having organized a trip somewhat successfully, and you’ll have left the bubble for real. Hit up a museum or two, or just go to DO NYC, where you can buy edible cookie dough at sky-high prices. 

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